Top 5 features of iPhone 7 (Pictures)

Top 5 features of iPhone 7 are the more searched keywords in Google about technology gadgets in 2016. People are wondering what iPhone 7 features will be revealed on its release date.

Every years, the tech industry has been guessing the specs and features of upcoming Apple devices. For many years, consumers listen to KGI Securities Analyst Ming Chi Kuo who constantly reveals insider information about the upcoming iPhones.

Apple will launch two new iPhones in September 2016 – a respected leaker predicts it will go on sale on Friday 16 September

Below are the top 5 features of  iPhone 7 that consumers should anticipate on the launch, according to the Apple analyst.

Top 5 features of iPhone 7

1Revamped Design

Top 5 features of iPhone 7 (Pictures)

According to Apple Insider, iPhone 7 may have a totally different look this year as it will boast a revamped “glass sandwich” design. It is still unknown how the smartphone will look like.

2Curved Screen Display

Top 5 features of iPhone 7 (Pictures)

For a few years, there is an undying rumor that Apple will incorporate a curved display eversince Samsung and LG started developing the said technology. KGI Securities Analyst Ming Chi Kuo speculates that this will come into fruition this year. Curved screen panels reduce distortions on the edges and help seamless panoramic views.

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3Slimmer Bezels

Top 5 features of iPhone 7 (Pictures)

Next feature among the top 5 features of iphone 7 is its bezel less screens. While most rumors say that iPhone 7 features will include bezel-less screens, but it seems that Apple will retain the borders on its smartphone. However, it will be reduced at minimum. This will widen screen size without increasing the overall size of the device.

4Wireless Charging

Top 5 features of iPhone 7 (Pictures)

Wireless Week reported that is expected to include new technological features like what it did when it announced the iPhone 6s  3D Touch technology. This time, the new iPhone may include wireless charging to extend the battery life of the device, which is often the complaint of most users.

5Retina Scanner

Top 5 features of iPhone 7 (Pictures)

Retina Scanner is one of the most waited feature among top 5 features of iphone 7. Apart from wireless charging feature, iPhone 7 will add another security feature aside from fingerprint sensor. Retina scanner has been rumored for the iPhone for years. If the new iPhone packs this feature, it will be the first in the market.

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iPhone 7 release date is expected in the fall around September. However, there is no official announcement from Apple regarding the specs and features of the device.

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