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Top 5 cursed Horror movies-Top 5 paranormal movies

5THE OMEN (2006)

Top 5 cursed Horror movies-Top 5 paranormal movies

If a cursed film is remade, does that mean that the curse is carried over to the new production? Those involved in the making of 2006’s remake of The Omen would answer a resounding yes to that question, as the remake was not without its own share of tragedy. Much like with The Exorcist, it seemed that the Devil himself didn’t want the film to be made, a sentiment that most fans agreed with.

At one point during production, an entire two days’ worth of footage was lost when a camera malfunctioned, and director John Moore insists that the broken camera displayed the message “Error 666.” A repairman informed Moore that he had never before seen that error message, as it wasn’t one programmed into the camera.

Moore revealed in the DVD commentary that he truly believes an evil entity attached itself to the production, and other stories include Liev Schreiber being attacked by a dog and fellow star Pete Postlewaite’s brother dropping dead during a card game – after pulling three sixes.


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