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Top 5 cursed Horror movies-Top 5 paranormal movies

Top 5 cursed Horror movies that were really cursed; Is it possible for a horror film to be cursed, the mere act of making it evoking some sort of malicious entity hell-bent on inflicting harm to those involved? It sounds pretty silly, I’m well aware, but the truth is that many horror films over the years have seemingly incurred the wrath of an evil force.

Of course, it’s impossible to ever know if what we’re dealing with in these situations is coincidence or something far more sinister, though the stories we’re presenting to you today certainly seem to indicate the latter. So turn off all the lights and prepare to be spooked.

The following movies have all gone down in Hollywood lore as the Top 5 cursed Horror movies of all time. Could it all be bizarre coincidences, or something more? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…

1Rosemary’s Baby

Top 5 cursed Horror movies-Top 5 paranormal movies

Rosemary’s Baby is at the first position of our Top 5 cursed Horror movies. Rosemary’s Baby is a 1968 Roman Polanski film about a pregnant women who becomes entangled in a Satan-worshipping cult. This iconic horror classic is nothing short of disturbing from beginning to end.

What may even be more disturbing though is what happened after the film’s release.

The film’s composer Krzysztof Komeda died of a brain clot one year after making the film, the same way a character in the film dies. Then producer William Castle became deathly ill as a result of uremic poisoning after the film was made, and swore the movie was cursed after crying out “Rosemary, for God’s sake drop that knife” while being treated.

Top 5 cursed Horror movies-Top 5 paranormal movies

The most eerie correlation happened in 1969 when Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, and four others were slain in a ritualistic mass murder at their Benedict Canyon home in Los Angeles. The murder scene was one of the most horrifying ever seen. Charles Manson’s cult stabbed a pregnant Sharon Tate and four others over a hundred times. Before leaving the house after the killings, one of the cult members took a rag soaked in Tate’s blood and wrote “PIG” on the front door. That word, along with other lyrics from Beatles songs, was written in blood.

Top 5 cursed Horror movies-Top 5 paranormal movies

The Manson family nicknamed their murder spree, “Helter Skelter,” after a Beatles’ song from The White Album. Manson believed that the Beatles spoke to him through their lyrics, especially those included in the white album, released in December 1968. Strangely enough, Beatles’ member John Lennon would be murdered outside a hotel named The Dakota. And what’s even stranger, the same hotel was used as Rosemary’s apartment building in Rosemary’s Baby.

“The story of Rosemary’s Baby was happening in real life. Witches, all of them, were casting their spell, and I was becoming one of the principal players.” – Producer of Rosemary’s Baby

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